Texas Business Leasing has established relationships with various Veterans Associations and employers to assist veterans in making the transition from military careers to civilian employment....such organizations as Battle Buddy, VECI, VIB (Veterans in Business). The transition appears to be a two fold problem...The Vets understanding of how to transfer the skills learned in the military to the skills required by civilian employers or occupations; and identifying potential opportunities that require those learned skill sets.

VECI (Veterans Economic Communities Initiative) www.benefits.va.go/vocrehab/

Provides both Employer and Job Seeker resources in 25 communities in the United States by providing Job Banks, Job Seeker Profiles and the new Skill Bridge pilot program to promote civilian job training for transitioning personnel. And VECI provides such  Employer Resources as Job Banks, and Search Profiles.

BATTLE BUDDY www.battle-buddy.info (for Active Duty and Veteran Personnel and Caregivers)

It is  a online directory of resources from non-profits, government sources and peer network support groups with over 600 vetted providers with a twitter network of 20 plus million of volunteers, followers and users of the service.  Eligibility for assistance can be determined from this site and users can link directly to  an organizations application form without having to navigate through pages of content on "donor-centric" pages of design on other sites. 

HOPE FOR THE WARRIORS www.hopeforthewarriors.org

Provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families that are focused on transition, health and wellness, peer engagement, and connections to community resources.  Programs serve post-911 active duty, National Guard, and reserve service members and veterans from all branches of the military and support includes the military family, families of the fallen, and military caregivers.  Hope FOR THE WARRIORS is a 4-start rated charity on Charity Navigator four consecutive years.  For additional information go contact Jon Gluffre 703-756-3702


TBL's founding  President, Richard Fuchs, is the author of three nationally recognized employment and career training programs:  THE SUCCESSFUL JOB HUNTER, YOU'RED HIRED,...THE NUTS & BOLTS OF JOB HUNTING and THE CHOICE IS YOURS.  These three training programs were utilized  by 75 government agencies (state & local)  to train all types and kinds of job seekers: military, civilian, and welfare.  Richard has a very good understanding of the challenges facing transitioning military personnel and the assistance required to secure meaningful new careers... both as an author, employer, and former active duty member of the U.S. Army Security Agency.  


The franchise industry offers many different opportunities for the transitioning veterans because most franchises are highly structured organizations that require franchisees and their employees to follow structured rules and guidelines that have made the franchise network successful.  Depending on the veteran's military rank and experience in leadership roles, The Fast Food and the Janitorial franchises could offer real opportunities for transitioning personnel.


Besides employment opportunities, franchising can offer the Veteran the opportunity to own his or her own business.  Although business ownership could be more difficult  because of the capital required to start or buy a business, many franchise concepts that TBL works with, offer veterans assistance in acquiring the franchise.  In addition, many of TBL's underwriters provide financial assistance or discounts for military personnel. 


TBL is committed to assisting veterans and active duty personnel.  Contact us for information or to set up an appointment!  Call us at 214-213-8367 or email us at txbl@sbcglobal.net.